Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Information is provided to us on a purely voluntary basis. Most information we collect is centered around contacting our existing or potential clients at their request. This includes name, email, and phone numbers. A few of our services may require more information, such as your current and goal weights. It is completely up to you whether you take advantage of these services, and therefor that information is always optional.

We do use Google Analytics to track visitors and site usage. The information that google analytics collects can be found on their website. If you want to save some time, yes it does track where you go on our website but that information is pretty anonymous.

What We Use It For

We are interested in serving our existing customers and creating a rich customer experience. This may include tailoring meals to a client's tastes, newsletters or personalized messages pertaining to individual weightloss goals. When these services are added, participation will be completely voluntary.

We use Google Analytics to check the number of page visits, where visiters go and how long a visitor stays. We use this information to improve navigation and content. Google uses this information for more targeted advertisements on other sites.

Information Security

We use 128-bit ssl encryption for secure communication between our website and the user, which is more than sufficient for our purpose. Passwords are encrypted using MD5 encryption prior to being stored in our database. This means that even in the unlikely event our database is stolen, password's still have an added layer of protection.

Credit card numbers are not stored in the database. This is to eliminate the risk of somebody stealing an entire list of credit card numbers from our website. This decision allows us to sleep more soundly at night, knowing we're not putting our users at unnecessary risk. Since credit card numbers are not stored, they need to be reentered when reordering.

We will not, under any conditions, pass your information on to another entity.