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Plan Features

The Chef by Request 40/30/30 meal composition has been designed to provide various health benefits ranging from convenience, to weight loss, to dietary management. Whether you are starting a program to lose weight, or simply eat well, Chef by Request will make a difference in your life. The meal composition of 40% carbohydrates from fresh fruits and vegetables, 30% lean proteins, and 30% favorable fats, leaves you satisfied and energized as you go on with your day.
Over the years, we have tailored our programs to provide a precise fusion of foods to help your body manage insulin and energy, ensuring that you never feel the afternoon “crash” of being tired, never have the roller-coaster of energy, and never crave high-sugar energy drinks or snacks to try and get a boost.

Whether you have a high activity level and are looking to maximize energy for your regular workouts, or you are currently in a position that does not allow for much physical activity, we can help. The programs that we offer provide you with the option to receive as many as all of your daily meals and snacks or any combination in between! We deliver all of the meals for your program each night guaranteed to be at your home or office by 6:00 AM. Wake up and enjoy!

  • Maximize Fat Loss
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Greater Energy
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Prepared Locally
  • Delivery to Your Doorstep
  • Programs to fit your lifestyle and budget

Meal Composition

The foods that we choose for each meal are based on the rules of eating 40% Carbohydrates, 30% Lean Proteins, and 30% favorable fats. Within those categories, we focus on foods that are low on the Glycemic Index and/or have an overall low Glycemic Load. In addition to using only fresh, all natural ingredients, we cut out all chemical preservatives and added sodium that lead to hypertension, high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.


By eating 40% Carbohydrates that are low in glycemic load, you experience the feeling of being full, while not overwhelming your body with simple sugars that can be broken down and stored as fat. These foods include: melon, apples, kiwi, asparagus, green beans, and others that can be found by researching low glycemic fruits and vegetables.


We choose high quality, lean proteins which are all natural and do not contain any added hormones or chemicals. These include all white meat chicken and turkey breast, pork tenderloin, flank and top sirloin beef, salmon, tuna, and many others. Whenever possible and available, we buy free-range chicken and grass fed beef from our local farmers.

Favorable Fats

We use mono-unsaturated bases such as olive oil and sesame oil. You will find them in our homemade sauces and dressings, as well as our cooking oils. Other sources of favorable fats include the natural fats found in the proteins, soy butter, and dairy items. One of the main reasons we use mono-unsaturated fats is due to the fact that they help increase HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).