Flex Plan Orders

The Program
  • Choose which meals you would like to receive
  • Select the number of servings. *
  • All meals are $13.50 and snacks are $3.50.
  • Meals: 400 calories Snacks: 150 calories
The Meals
  • Paleo compliant, Gluten Free
  • 40/30/30 macronutrient breakdown
  • Served as individual portions
  • Fresh, local, organic ingredients
Choose Your Meals

The Delivery Schedule
  • Monday/ Tuesday/Wednesday meals arrive individually
  • Thursday/Friday meals arrive together
  • Saturday/Sunday meals arrive together

* All orders with less than 2 meals per day will be charged a $10.00 delivery fee per day the order does not meet the minimum order requirement.

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Coconut Macaroon Bar (Paleo)
Date + Nut Bar (Paleo)
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